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 is undoubtedly the best and most profitable PTC,

as well as offering a lot of links
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Give us a chance to win extra prizes
between $ 0.10 and 5 (10 cents and $ 5)
in engaging and fun game ClixGrid (there are 25chances to hit a day)
that is to click on a photo in order to find the hidden prizes.
Also, you can earn populdas amounts answeringsurveys.

The ClixSense actually paid and is well structured,
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Payment methods: PayPalLiberty Reserve andPayza.
Minimum Payout: $ 8 (fixed)


The best, oldest, strongest and most reliable BUX, and Portuguese! (NeoDev Lda, Portugal). Online since 2008! Use a script with DDoS protection. NeoBux PTC has made a million dollar industry. Pay instantly! Tip: Be aware and visit as many times per day, because they are appearing and disappearing ads, some of them valued at $ 0.01. Earn more with AdPrize: NeoBux is still a PTC-BUX extraordinary unique in several respects. Many have tried, but failed to follow its development. If it was good to make money just by clicking ads, admin introduced the neopoints, which accumulate in our account (ad clicked each valley NeoPoint 1) and can be exchanged, for example, a balance that can be used to let above. And if all this were not enough, Now we can earn even more with AdPrize! For every ad clicked, gained 2 points AdPrize, a kind of ticket that allows us to play in this new system whose prize money (up to $ 50!) Neopoints (up to 10,000!) Or even the Golden Package (worth $ 90!). All this for doing what they already did before, or click on ads! The is no shortage of testimonies in NeoBux forum members who have won various awards. I myself have won cash prizes and neopoints. The minimum amount to receive the first payment is only $ 2. This amount will increase $ 1 for each payment until you reach the minimum limit fixed $ 10. After this value will always be a minimum $ 10. Payment methods: PayPal, Payza and NETELLER. 



you get paid to do simple tasks such as view advertisements and sign-up on websites. You may also refer your friends so that you earn whatever they earn. Come and join the community!



Let us see: - How many ads you see per day, from waking until bedtime? On TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, billboards, shop windows, etc ...Win something for them? ... NO! - How many emails do you receive per day of advertisements that did not request (called spam), which sometimes even makes us mad? Win something for them? ... NO! - How often do you receive SMS messages from advertisements and promotions that did not request (and do not know how they got your number)? Win something for them? ... NO! In Publipt, you win! - Every time the price increases of fuel in € 0.01 cent, you think too much, and even complain, right? Then, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04 cents is not so little ... - Number of shopping and asked a few bags in the box (because supermarkets charge 0.02 or 0.03 cents for each one)? So, 0.03, 0.04 cents is not so little ... In Publipt, you win! - Did you know that at this juncture, to earn € 0.50 cents per day in interest your bank, you need about € 20,000 (twenty thousand) to yield for a year? He knew that with some referrals, you can earn much more than that in Publipt? - The annual salary increases in Portugal are around (in the best case scenario) to 2%. Did you know that, based on the minimum wage, this equates to about € 0.30 cents per day?And will deduct about it, so it is still less ... Then, 0.03, 0.04 cents is not so little ... In Publipt, you win!Join Free and Good Gains 



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